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Phoenix Starlight Wellness

We offer private Ajna light sessions and group sessions with Reiki. The Ajna Light is an amazing technology that uses flashing lights to help guide you into a deep meditative state. Every individual has their own unique journey. It is a wonderful tool for those looking to feel good. Amazing tool to dive deep into an individual's own consciousness. It is a unique experience like no other.


Ajna Light Therapy

The Ajna Light is light therapy that helps you experience a deep state of meditation with little effort. This therapy uses a pulsing white light over your third eye, which stimulates the pineal gland, producing visuals of kaleidoscopes of colors and patterns. Ajna light brings you into a deeper state of meditation and unlocks the creative centers of your brain. The light also may produce altered states of consciousness. Each Ajna Light journey is different, as it reflects the user's own consciousness, which is always changing.

Save Your Spot

  • Sep 23, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
    Wallingford, 33 N Main St suite d, Wallingford, CT 06492, USA
    We will be offering 30 minute sessions Ajna Light sessions at Hidden Gem on Main. This Amazing light will take you on an amazing journey like no other. If you are interested in exploring this amazing technology come visit us at the Hidden Gem on Main in Wallingford, CT.
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